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Creative Bus Sales offers a variety of different bus types and configurations, from mini buses, passenger buses, luxury coach buses, tour buses, shuttle buses to cutaway buses. Our buses for sale come in many different lengths and seating configurations from mini vans with as low as 6 passengers to larger 40' low floor transit buses. Please read below for more details on all the available buses for sale. Not sure what type of bus you need? One our bus sales staff will gladly help you out, please give us a call toll free at 888-926-0618 or contact a local bus sales representative.
Shuttle Buses, Charter Buses And Cutaway Buses
Shuttle Buses, Charter Buses And Cutaway Buses
Our shuttle buses are the best to meet industry standards for parking companies, hotels and resorts, charter operators, churches, and retirement homes. Many seating configurations are available to meet your transportation need. We have small buses for sale that have a little as 7 passengers and charter buses which hold as many as 37 passengers and numerous floor plan options available. Cutaway buses can be equipped with wheelchair lifts, luggage storage, premium seats, parcel racks, graphics packages and many other options.

Wheelchair Buses, Handicap Vans, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and Paratransit Buses
Handicap Vans, Wheelchair Vans, ADA Buses and Paratransit Buses
When have many different seating configurations to accommodate ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our wheelchair vehiclesrange from 7 passenger handicap vans typically seat 2 to 3 wheelchair passengers and can be configured to hold many more. Paratransit buses are ADA approved and range from 19 to 40 feet in length. All handicap vans to 40 feet long wheelchair buses. We are not limited to the typical 2 to 3 wheelchair seat options but our custom handicap vans can be configured to hold many more. All handicap vans, wheelchair vans, and wheelchair buses are available in gas and diesel or can be converted to run using alternative fuels.

City Buses, Public Transit Buses & Passenger Buses
Transit Buses & Low Floor Buses
Transit buses are typically used to hold large seating capacities. Passenger buses come equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps, fare boxes, destination signs & many other options. The size of a transit bus, can range from 25 to 40 feet in length. All transit buses are available in gas or diesel or can be converted to run using alternative fuels.

Tour Buses, Limo Buses, Luxury Buses, Coach Buses, and Entertainer Buses
Limo Buses, Luxury Buses, Tour Buses & Entertainer Buses
Looking for high end luxury buses? Find coach buses perfect for long trips or large passenger seating tour buses. Configure your luxury coach busto ensure your riders travel in comfort such as upgraded fabrics or leather seats. Our entertainer buses for sale can be customized with luggage racks, equipped with entertainment systems, & many other options. All limo buses, luxury buses, coach buses, and tour buses are available in gas or diesel or can be converted alternative fuel bus.

Activity Buses, School Bus, Multifunctional School Activity Buses
School Bus, Multifunctional School Activity Buses, Activity Buses
Activity buses are great vehicles for after school programs, childcare facilities, or any company that needs to shuttling passengers around. Our MFSAB (multifunctional school activity buses) can be used by churches groups, child care programs, or small businesses. Different seating and floor plan options allow any company to find the activity bus they need even non CDL options. Some of our in stock school buses for sale contain seat belted seats or wheelchair accessible lifts.

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